With nearly 1000 employees in 13 offices around the world, RTKL’s global reach means unlimited opportunities to create a positive impact on the built environment. At RTKL, you will be a critical member of a network of design professionals who value collaboration, fresh insight and bold talent. You will also be part of a sought-after corporate culture that supports dynamic career advancement and prizes work/life balance.

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Latest Openings

Position Experience Required Description Location
Structural Engineer – WorkPlace 4-8 years experience RTKL seeks a Structural Engineer to join its Structural team located in Washington D.C. Washington
Architect – Commercial 4-8 years experience RTKL seeks a design oriented architect to join its Commercial Practice Group located in Miami as a Job Captain. We are looking for a flexible and team oriented individual with strong design aptitude and previous working experience in large scale commercial environments both domestic and international. Miami
Architect – Residential/Mixed-Use 9-15 years experience RTKL seeks an Architect with extensive project design and delivery experience to join its Commercial Practice Group located in Miami. This position requires prior experience in mid-to-large scale mixed-use, multi-family residential projects. Miami
Architect – Health Sciences 4-8 years experience RTKL seeks an Architect to join its Health Sciences Practice Group in the Dallas office. Dallas
Structural Engineer 4-8 years experience RTKL seeks a Structural Engineer in either our Baltimore, MD or Washington DC office. Baltimore
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Being green is important to me. I want to work somewhere that takes #sustainability seriously.


Being “green” is no longer just about racking up LEED points. It’s about thinking holistically about the economic, social and environmental impact of your work. Here at RTKL, we call this approach Performance-Driven Design and it is a thread that runs through everything we do.

I don’t want a boring office job. I want to work in a creative #culture with people I can learn from, who keep me inspired.


Our strongest asset has always been our people. And that’s not just because of the work they do, but what they bring to the table as individuals. Our collaborative culture seeks to connect people with shared passions across studios, offices and cultures to keep our ideas fresh, our work relevant and our employees engaged.

Design is about creating something. I want to use my career to make a positive #impact on the world.


As one of the largest design firms in the world, RTKL has a significant influence on the state of the built environment. We take this tremendous responsibility seriously and are constantly seeking opportunities to create communities, buildings, interiors, and products that have an enduring positive impact on the world.

Technology lets us work smarter, not harder. I want a company that’s not afraid to evolve its #process, that’s willing to try something new.


Not content to sit on our laurels, RTKL supports new technology and process development. We strike a balance between being early adopters and making sure we choose the right products. By embracing the latest tablets, 3D printers, and the newest version of REVIT, our people are armed with the tools they need to be the best they can be.


Top 10 Reasons to Work at RTKL

Work hard, play hard
Working against a deadline can be stressful, but there’s a sense of relief and team accomplishment when we get them out. It helps that RTKL has programs in place to help blow off steam and socialize with coworkers both during work and after hours. It may sound cliché to say my favorite part about RTKL is the people, but it’s the truth. Simcha Ward

Travel the world
I’ve been fortunate to travel all over the world in my short five years with RTKL. As an intern in the Washington, DC office, I never thought five years later I’d be living in Dubai and helping to build an office from the ground up. I love the small family feel of the Dubai office and was proud to represent it this year at RTKL’s 2013 Design Conference in London. The opportunity to travel and meet other RTKLer’s from around the world sent me back to Dubai feeling refreshed and motivated. Travel will do that to you. Natalia Lizarraga

You’re Never Done Learning
One thing I appreciate is the support I get from RTKL in terms of professional development. They really put their money where their mouth is. Outside of weekly lunch and learns, we each get $2,000 a year towards classes or programs we want to take to keep us on track in our careers. On top of that, RTKL pays the dues for the two professional organizations and reimburses your exam fees, which means one less stress when you’re working toward getting your license. Can’t beat that. Danielle Simpson

Global Perspective
I was surprised to learn that so many of my coworkers were from all over the world. Just here in DC we have people from China, Korea, Brazil, Russia, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, France…am I forgetting anyone? It brings such a range of perspectives to our work and a true cultural understanding of the countries where we’re working. Plus, I have easy access to great travel advice when I need it. Augustina Soler

Local Impact
It’s undeniable that RTKL is a big firm, but each office has its own local flavor and mindset. The people here in Chicago are super involved in the community and an integral part of the city’s design culture. They serve on local boards, are staples at local exhibits and festivals, and we open up the office every year for the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House Chicago. Everyone has their own interests and sharing them helps keep us all inspired. Lori Mukoyama

Inspired surroundings
All of RTKL’s offices are designed to reflect the passion we feel for design and support the creative process. They seem to strike the perfect balance of collaborative space, sustainable practices and local flair, and each office captures the spirit of the employees who spend their days there. Jos Borthwick

Unlimited Resources
Being a designer in the 21st century means an undeniable connection to innovation and the latest technology. It’s been exciting working for a larger firm that has the resources and the attitude to adopt the newest tech and software quickly, not to mention the access to vendors and materials that I wouldn’t have in a small studio. Kathleen Callaghan

Internal Recognition
Our industry is notorious for having high turnover, so it’s really impressive how many colleagues have been here for 20 years or more. They also have multiple award programs, an annual design conference and our Works in Progress publication to recognize new concepts and encourage young designers to get their ideas out there. Bethy Zhang

Community of Individuals
It’s a really amazing thing to be able to combine the strengths of a global, worldwide firm and not lose the individual touch that we each bring to the table as design professionals. I’m surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do and always looking for new ways to express themselves and put their stamp on something. It pushes me to be a better designer. Mike Colburn

Voice in the Industry
There are so many ways to get involved here. As long as you have ideas and you’re willing to put your voice out there, you will be heard. Our blog is a great way to get started, since any member of staff is welcome to write posts, but we also have project competitions, conferences and media opportunities and you don’t have to be a vice president to participate. Mark Palmer