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The best hotels are more than just places to stay: They are testing grounds for new ideas in design, food, customer service and wellness. Our multi-disciplinary design team has worked with a broad range of clients on every type of hospitality environment around the world. This knowledge gives us a solid foundation upon which to help our clients offer seamless operations as well something memorable and unexpected to their guests.

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Investing In Technology

Can a holistic approach to technology lead to better connectivity?

Award-Winning Escape to Nature

RTKL is the proud designer of Wutai Mountain Resort, winner of the International Hotel and Property Award 2015 in the Asia-Pacific, 50- to 200-room category. The IH&P awards recognize projects around the world that passionately pursue design and hospitality, encouraging a continual progression of architecture in the industry. RTKL’s goal was to create a modern […]

RTKL’s Workplace Expert to Speak at Commercial Real Estate Conference

In today’s commercial real estate market, property managers are realizing the need to leverage workplaces to reach strategic and financial objectives while maintaining company culture and client loyalty. Greater demand for an innovative and high-performing space is driving the need for consolidation, renovation, and repurposing of these property assets. Join RTKL Associate Vice President Jorge Bernal and […]