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The best hotels are more than just places to stay: They are testing grounds for new ideas in design, food, customer service and wellness. Our multi-disciplinary design team has worked with a broad range of clients on every type of hospitality environment around the world. This knowledge gives us a solid foundation upon which to help our clients offer seamless operations as well something memorable and unexpected to their guests.

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Where is the Video Chat?

Why don’t we use video chat at work and how can we start to incorporate it into our daily routine?

What’s Happening Now?

A 50,000-foot view of the flyover states.

Join RTKL’s Workplace Experts at 2015 BCO Conference

With a London-based commercial sector presence that spans over two decades and a strong understanding of the UK market, RTKL’s workplace experts, Paul Dunn and David Hurst are looking forward to participating in the three-day event focused on the global future of the workplace. Dunn and Hurst will be available for coffee or a meeting prior to […]