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The best hotels are more than just places to stay: They are testing grounds for new ideas in design, food, customer service and wellness. Our multi-disciplinary design team has worked with a broad range of clients on every type of hospitality environment around the world. This knowledge gives us a solid foundation upon which to help our clients offer seamless operations as well something memorable and unexpected to their guests.

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DC Affordable Living Competition: Health and Happiness

What’s the connection between health, happiness and the built environment? It’s more tangible than you may think.

ARCADIS Appoints Leadership Team for Global Architecture and Design Subsidiary

March 26, 2015 – ARCADIS (EURONEXT: ARCAD), the world’s leading natural and built asset design & consultancy firm, today announced the leadership team for its architecture and design subsidiary, a joint organization of RTKL and recently acquired Callison. Lance Josal FAIA was announced as CEO of the unified company, which combines the talents of over […]

Flexible Space and the Retail Revolution

What’s so wildly appealing about the pop-up shop? How can we translate this concept of flexible space into long-term retail success?