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Can Architecture Come Alive? In The News  //  Huffington Post //  April 10, 2015 Could "living buildings" transcend metaphor?
“Riviera-like” Development Comes to Kuwait In The News  //  Construction Week //  April 1, 2015 Will help form the largest multi-purpose destination in Kuwait
5-Star Standout In The News  //  Forbes //  March 16, 2015 Eau Spa recognized by Forbes
All Hands on Deck In The News  //  Sacramento Bee //  March 9, 2015 Hospital relocation requires lots of planning to ensure uninterrupted care.
RTKL-Designed Hotel Makes History In The News  //  New Steel Construction //  March 5, 2015 The InterContinental London will be home to Europe's largest pillar-free ballroom
Top of the List In The News  //  Huffington Post //  February 10, 2015 How can cities prepare for future growth?
Parameters to Consider in the Data Center Location Decision In The News  //  Area Development //  January 29, 2015 While power, connectivity, and cooling systems appear to be the primary concerns, natural hazards and other factors must also be evaluated
Healthcare Consumers Are Becoming More and More Cost Conscience In The News  //  Illinois Real Estate Journal //  January 28, 2015 Outpatient care will drive the healthcare market in 2015.
RTKL Retail Design Continues to Set Records with “Deal of the Year” In The News  //  Radio Prague //  December 15, 2014 Palladium, the Czech Republic’s most lucrative shopping mall, inks a record-setting deal.
The Next Premiere Waterfront Address: Dubai Creek Harbour at the Lagoons In The News  //  Property Times //  November 24, 2014 "This is going to be the next great harbour city of the world."