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Environmental Graphic Design

Experiential design is migrating at a rapid pace from static, carefully controlled communications to highly digitized and layered environments. From strategic branding and identity, to signage and wayfinding, RTKL employs a range of leading services to orchestrate experience-rich, exciting and easily navigable places that express our clients’ brands and strengthen their relationships with their customers.

Recent News

RTKL Retail Design Continues to Set Records with “Deal of the Year”

Last week, the German Fund Union Investment announced plans to buy the RTKL-designed Palladium shopping mall in the Czech Republic. Industry analysts have dubbed it the “deal of the year” in the country’s commercial property market with an offer of over 560 million euros. Palladium joins the list of high-value sales for RTKL-designed retail properties in Europe, […]

Technology and Transit: Strengthening TOD With GIS (Part 4)

I was very excited to ride the Silver Line, DC’s newest metro line on a beautiful day about three months after its opening in July. I hoped to see how this metro line works in connecting people and places in real life. I also wanted to evaluate the accuracy of my GIS model compared to […]

On the Outskirts: Suburban Regeneration in an Era of New Urbanism

RTKL projects in Virginia employ retail-anchored, mixed-use design to cater to suburbs with big city aspirations