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Environmental Graphic Design

Experiential design is migrating at a rapid pace from static, carefully controlled communications to highly digitized and layered environments. From strategic branding and identity, to signage and wayfinding, RTKL employs a range of leading services to orchestrate experience-rich, exciting and easily navigable places that express our clients’ brands and strengthen their relationships with their customers.

Recent News

Parameters to Consider in the Data Center Location Decision

The commercialization of technology for mainstream use has created a need for data centers to be larger and have higher densities. The site selection of a data center facility is being redefined as needs change due to various external factors such as higher power density, super storms, physical and cyber security, and redefined resiliency. As […]

Healthcare Consumers Are Becoming More and More Cost Conscience

RTKL’s Andy Lane discusses changes within the healthcare industry, and why outpatient care is going to drive the market in 2015.

ARCADIS Releases International Construction Costs Report 2014

Rapidly changing commodity prices, recovering and stuttering economies and unpredictable currency fluctuations, 2014 was both an interesting and challenging year for the global construction sector. But what did all this mean for costs and, more importantly, what does 2015 have in store?  The annual ARCADIS International Construction Costs (ICC) report ranks 43 countries across the […]