Environmental Graphic Design

Experiential design is migrating at a rapid pace from static, carefully controlled communications to highly digitized and layered environments. From strategic branding and identity, to signage and wayfinding, RTKL employs a range of leading services to orchestrate experience-rich, exciting and easily navigable places that express our clients’ brands and strengthen their relationships with their customers.

Recent News

Improving the Way Healthcare Facilities Operate

Today’s healthcare systems are looking for ways to improve clinical operations in order to boost efficiency and productivity, streamline resources and improve workflow. Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the demand for community health centers is on the rise. As a result, healthcare administrators of these facilities are searching for the most cost-effective […]

The 2016 Workplace: 8 Things You Need to Know

What are the things your organization needs to know to stay ahead of the game?

2016 Trends in the Workplace

The 2016 workplace is all about choice and control, for both employees and employers. Flexibility, in the way people work and in office layouts and uses, is becoming the most effective way for companies to get the best people, the best work, and the most value from their real estate portfolios.